"Shirin helped me a lot in purchasing my condo 3 years ago. She still helps me with any questions I have since then. She definitely exceeded my expectations of what a realtor meant. I would definitely like to use her help again and I refer her to my friends when they need real estate help."
- George A., River North

"I really enjoyed working with Shirin. She seemed to really understand what it was I was looking for. I would definitely work with her again in the future."
- Cari B., South Loop

"Since Shirin found what all agree is an unbelievable condo in a most desired neighborhood in downtown Chicago, I tell people that her profession is "making people happy". I tried, but had given up buying for years, discouraged at the showings, prices, and a seeming inability to communicate with buying agents. A friend contacted Shirin and suggested she contact me - I said: "Ok, I'll look at a few, but you will be frustrated with me because I am a horse trader and I will never buy". Shirin demonstrated incredible patience with me, hearing me nit-pick each time she showed me a condo, but unknown to me, she was learning a lot more about me than I ever imagined and about what I wanted. Then low and behold, she took me to my present home and all I could say is wow. Wow. It was as if an architect designed and built a home according to all of my nit-picking! Then it was Shirin who turned out to be the negotiating "horse trader", making offers that I would never have been bold enough to make. Shirin also referred me to excellent attorneys and bankers, and together they walked me through a process that should have been stressful but turned out to be a cakewalk. Now I realize, you really need someone who knows what they are doing. I marvel every time I walk through my door."
- Morris B., Streeterville

"We have used Shirin twice now as our realtor (and friend), and she has come through both times for us. I find her to be one of the most attentive, thorough and pleasant professionals to work with. We would not have been able to find our dream condo if we did not use her expertise and vast knowledge of the real estate market. I would not hesitate recommending Shirin to anyone!"
- Jeannine C., Streeterville

"We first met Shirin at an open house when we were relocating to Chicago. Not knowing if we were going to rent or buy, Shirin stayed in touch with us and spent numerous hours driving us between rentals and purchase properties. We decided to rent for the first year but when it was time to purchase, we immediately reached out to Shirin because of the politeness and professionalism she demonstrated in our initial search.  Shirin is an excellent realtor. She was honest, always prepared, and worked tirelessly to make sure we found exactly what we wanted. She became a friend of ours and we would recommend her to anyone!"
- Jill and Dan D., Lincoln Park 

"Everything was excellent. She understood my needs and only took me into places I would consider. Was very helpful during closing also. Would happily recommend her to any friend."
- Graziela F., River North

"Shirin has been a great help in the recent finding and purchasing of a property that was best suitable to our needs."
- Mojdeh G., River North

"As both an owner and seller of real property, I have worked with a number of real estate brokers and agents over the past 20 years.  None has been more professional, responsive and conscientious than Shirin Rezania, who was an absolute pleasure to work with in my recent purchase of a condominium in Chicago.  I look forward to working with Ms. Rezania again."
- Ted G., Streeterville

"Shirin is extremely knowledgeable and understands the Chicago real estate market in great depth. I trust her opinion and value her input immensely and she is very reliable and thorough. I highly recommend her! She will be a real asset by your side in your real estate search."
- Rachel G., Streeterville

"Shirin was wonderful.  She was very knowledgeable about the Chicago real estate market and very nice to work with.  We felt like she was really looking out for our best interest through the whole process, even during closing. We would highly recommend Shirin to anyone looking to buy or sell in the Chicago area."
- Kathy and Jim H., Gold Coast

"Shirin provides great service, especially for first time home buyers. Shirin also explains in detail all the essential info without the confusion."
- Bryant J., Rogers Park

"Shirin was very diligent with our apartment search and had a clear understanding of our requirements which were very specific. She was on top searching for deals for us and very accessible."
- Monica J., South Loop

"I have known Shirin since 2009. I was very impressed at the first time I met her. She is very smart and very familiar with Chicago downtown condos. She can always give us very valuable suggestions and she is super efficient. So far she has helped us to buy our home and an investment property. Both are very good deals."
- Yuanyuan J., Streeterville

"I have known and worked with Shirin for over 9 years. She has helped me find my 2 previous rental apartments and buying a house 5 years ago. She is great at her job and puts in great effort in finding you the 'RIGHT' place. Great Realtor!"
- Hamid K., West Ridge

"I would thoroughly recommend Shirin for any of your real estate needs. She definitely takes time to understand her clients' needs and works tirelessly to schedule properties that fit the bill. I thought every property she introduced us to was on point against our criteria. Being new to the Chicago market I found that she was really able to identify properties that we needed to see in order to more clearly define what we were looking for and what represented good value. Shirin was always enthusiastic and made the scheduling of viewings not only painless but enjoyable as you really felt she was in tune with what you are looking for, and no viewing was going to be a complete waste of time. Shirin made the passing over of control in selecting potential real estate very easy and I always felt she was looking after our interests rather than just trying to close a deal."
- Anthony K., Streeterville

"My wife and I lived in Boston, Massachusetts and Miami Beach, Florida. Over the years, we made frequent trips to Chicago and discovered a beautiful, cultural, friendly, and exciting city. We realized we wanted to be a part of this magnificent metropolis. The challenge was to transform this vision into reality. Fortunately, my wife found Shirin, and they developed an ongoing, mutual bond. Each person trusted, respected, and listened to what the other had to say. This relationship fostered over a period of years with verbal and written communication. We flew in and out of Chicago and met with Shirin to view numerous properties. Ultimately, due to patience, perseverance and diligence, Shirin found the perfect home for us. Shirin’s professionalism manifested itself throughout the entire closing process. She continued to stay on top of the transaction from beginning to end. Shirin is a real-estate broker who not only tells it the way it is, but does it the way it should be done. We highly recommend Shirin and want to thank her for providing us an extremely enjoyable and positive experience."
- Helene K., Gold Coast

"We had a wonderful experience with Shirin. She was very helpful in our search for a new home. She was easy to talk to and she made us feel comfortable about sharing our opinions regarding the properties we saw. We will definitely ask Shirin to be our realtor again when we are ready to look for a new home."
- Luis and Juliet, Old Town

"The service we received from Shirin is excellent."
- Ricky M., South Loop

"We found working with Shirin to be a delight. She was honest in her representation of the properties we saw, was efficient in getting back to us with questions we had, and did not pressure us to buy something. She listened carefully to what features we were looking for in a condo and tailored the properties she showed us to our desires. She truly wanted us to be pleased with what we chose and was not interested in misrepresenting a property just to make a sale. We would use her again and would highly recommend her to anyone who was looking for a great real estate agent who performs their job as most should."
- Patricia M., Loop

"I love working with Shirin. She is very professional and fast. We found what we were looking for in a short period of time. I would highly recommend to work with Shirin."
- Novani M., Edgewater

"Very pleasant and humble, I had a great experience working with her from day 1 till even after closing. Always prompt in returning calls, texts and emails. I'll work with her again soon on a new investment."
- Muhammad M., River North

"We were very happy that Shirin helped us to get our condo. She was the most professional and thoughtful agent we had ever got. We were very lucky that she was our agent. Thank you Shirin!!"
- Mehrdad and Yuko P., Edgewater

"I was very pleased with your services. Not only did you give me multiple options, you took the time to help me narrow down properties that met all of my preferences. You were a true pleasure to work with and I will recommend you to anyone who is looking for properties in Chicago.  Thank you very much!"
- Janeen P., Loop

"My wife and I have had the pleasure of working with Shirin 3 times in purchasing investment property. She is fabulous. She is very industrious and can be relied on to take care of your interests. I would not consider working with anyone else when we need a realtor in Chicago. I would recommend her extremely highly."
- Kaushik P., River North

"Shirin is an expert on condos in the downtown area (Loop, South Loop, Near North, Lincoln Park, Gold Coast, Old Town, etc), and the best negotiator in town whether you're buying or selling a home, she can get you the best deal! She also has the best website for homebuyers (chicagotopcondos.com) - the only real-estate search site in Chicago to offer distances to CTA ("L"), Starbucks, and other points of interest."
- Alex R., Gold Coast

"Shirin helped me find my first home and walked me through the buying process.  She was patient with my needs and persistently pursued the properties I was interested in.  She was always available for me at any hour.  I have recommended her to friends and would highly recommend her to anyone interested in buying real estate.  She's a pleasure to work with and she really knows how to help first time buyers navigate the complicated process of home buying."
- Jeremy R., Lakeview  

"I felt that during my home sale with Shirin, she always had my best interest at heart.  She is clear and concise, dependable, knowledgeable and kind.  And certainly always a pleasure to talk to. She never let me down and she has a magic touch."
- Dena S., River West

"I would recommend Shirin to anyone who is buying or selling a home. She was diligent in marketing my home. She provided useful suggestions on how it might be best presented, and she gave timely feedback after it was shown. She made what might have been a very stressful process in a challenging market much less stressful. My fiance and I were undecided as to what area of the city we would relocate to, and it was through Shirin's efforts, based on gathering information from us about what we liked about different areas, that caused us to pick the south loop, a part of town about which we knew relatively little, and now we are really enjoying it."
- Jim S., Gold Coast

"Shirin helped us purchase our house several years ago. She has great personality and is super responsive. We were very lucky to have her as our agent!"
- Lei S., South Loop

"Shirin helped us with the purchase of two condos in Chicago downtown: both of them were great deals! She is very knowledgeable of all of the condo buildings in and around the loop, the streeterville, the gold coast etc. She knows all the pros and cons with each building. She acts very fast with the listings and we were always the first to tour the places when a good deal came to the market! We feel that she was never resting!  We can't be any more happier with our experience with her. Many of my friends bought condos with her help and we all love her."
- Ying X., Loop

"It was a pleasure to be a client of Shirin. I learned a lot of important things from her."
-Jane Z., Lincoln Park